Proper Photo Work Flow with Adobe Lightroom Classic and Lightroom CC Mobile

Helping Adobe Lightroom Classic and Lightroom CC Mobile work together with smart collections.

I noticed a bit of concern and confusion among my peers, just recently, in NYC at PhotoPlus at the Jacob Javits Center, regarding the now two versions of Adobe Lightroom. There are now Adobe Lightroom Classic, your desktop version you're used to with your main libraries, etc., and a second mobile version that seemed as though it was supposed to be more of a standalone type thing, called Lightroom CC. So.. You had to choose one. Were first impressions. People were confused about how to access their original libraries and files and such. Fear not. You're fine. Keep running Lightroom Classic, and make your preexisting and new photos into 'smart collections', then 'sync' those selected 'smart collections' with the mobile client, Lightroom CC. It'll take care of the rest. Simple, you can use both, together.  And Adobe gives you the first 100 gigs for free, but use it sparingly, and always back up to drive, and the cloud, and least once. Use this mobile version to have better control of your time, and work flow management to integrate into a much faster system of creative production.

Example photos taken with Sony a9 and G Master FE 100-400mm super-telephoto zoom lens in Alaska with the Sony Alpha Collective.

Adobe Lightroom Classic