The variable for consciousness is a Constant. i.e. X=mC/e2*

Vast expanses of existence, exist without the presence of mind. Yet awareness resides throughout. Fundamentally there is the universe. The observer. The unobserved universe. And universal awareness. Shouldn't we account for the observer, or lack there of, in quantum equations?

The two worlds of view are like hemispheres of the moon. One in shadow. The other not. One where there is organic perception we refer to as mind and all else. The other simply containing all else. Yet both inherently and instantaneously aware on a particulate level. Basic awareness. The measurements for each world might require two sets of math. One including the observer. The other all else. Or a new math with a unifying variable for awareness. As the observer predicts the results in one world, where the other does not.


Seeing that all the instances we would observe would involve consciousness, any measurements of the quantum realm would also require a variable for the conscious observer, within any truly successful equation.